Emily Tuxedo masterfully captures authentic, timeless wedding moments with radiant elegance. Her expertise in true-to-life colors and flawless composition ensures cherished, stress-free memories for every couple.

Authentic, timeless, and radiant wedding photography


Emily's photography blends a rare mix of authenticity and artistry. With a focus on capturing the true essence of each couple's story, her work is characterized by vivid, true-to-life colors and timeless elegance. Based in the Midwest, Emily has honed a unique style that perfectly balances the grandeur of love with the simplicity of genuine moments. Her keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling through the lens ensure that each photo is not just a memory captured but an everlasting piece of art.

Emily's talent for capturing authentic moments is unmatched.

Over the years, Emily has crafted an approach to wedding photography that is anchored in authenticity and timeless elegance. Eschewing fleeting trends, she focuses on capturing the genuine essence of the wedding day, portraying moments exactly as they unfold. Emily excels in creating radiant imagery, where true-to-life colors, storytelling composition, and technical flawlessness harmoniously blend. Her expertise lies not just in her photographic skills but also in her ability to ease the stress of her clients, ensuring a relaxed and joyful experience. Her commitment to authenticity enables her to capture the true spirit of her couples, resulting in cherished, enduring photographs that resonate with heartfelt sincerity and natural beauty.

Capturing Timeless, Authentic Moments with Radiant Elegance

Wedding Photography

Jessica, Bride

Emily’s talent for capturing authentic moments is unmatched.

Engagement sessions are an integral part of the wedding journey, as they offer a unique opportunity for couples to familiarize themselves with Emily and her style and approach. Her engagement sessions are designed to be relaxed and casual, akin to spending time with a new friend, which significantly eases the typical anxieties of being in front of the camera. These laid-back sessions not only help build a comfortable rapport but also allow for the capture of genuine, spontaneous moments. The result is a collection of amazing photos that truly reflect each couple's personality and bond, setting the perfect tone for their upcoming wedding day.

Relaxed Vibes, Authentic Moments, Unforgettable Couples Portraits

engagement photography

Mark, Groom

The Engagement Session was more fun than I ever expected – all thanks to Emily's incredible skill and approachable vibe.

Capturing life's special moments outside weddings, like baby showers and birthdays. Her lens brings events to life, ensuring each photo preserves the joy and uniqueness of these celebrations.

Event Photography

Authentic, in-home portraits that beautifully capture the early days with your new family member. A gentle approach that creates a natural and relaxed environment and heartfelt photos.

Newborn Photography

Providing business owners with on-brand images and headshots that truly reflect their professional identity. Her work enhances brand presence with a blend of authenticity and aesthetic precision.

Branding Photography

Emily is known for her warm, approachable personality, which instantly puts couples at ease during their most cherished moments. Her infectious enthusiasm for love stories and keen eye for detail translate into every shot she captures. Grounded, personable, and always with a smile, Emily turns each wedding shoot into a joyful, memorable experience for everyone involved.

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