Emily Tuxedo specializes in capturing the authentic essence of each wedding. Her true-to-color, timeless photography style reflects a blend of emotion and elegance, uniquely immortalizing every couple's story.

Emily Tuxedo, Destination Wedding Photographer

Capturing timeless moments. Crafting everlasting memories.

Emily’s approach to wedding photography. She has a natural talent for capturing the unguarded, genuine moments that often go unnoticed, ensuring authenticity in every frame. Her understanding of light and composition allows her to create images that are not only radiant in their beauty but also timeless in their appeal. Emily's skill in balancing color and emotion in her photography results in a visual narrative that is both vibrant and enduring, perfectly encapsulating the essence of each couple's unique love story.

Authentic, timeless, and radiant.

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Emily is known for her warm, approachable personality, which instantly puts couples at ease during their most cherished moments. Her infectious enthusiasm for love stories and keen eye for detail translate into every shot she captures. Grounded, personable, and always with a smile, Emily turns each wedding shoot into a joyful, memorable experience for everyone involved.

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Jessica, Bride

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer than Emily for our special day. Her warm personality made us feel completely at ease, and it showed in every photo. Emily's talent for capturing authentic moments is unmatched; she didn't just take pictures, she told our story through her lens. The images are timeless and radiant, reflecting the joy and love of our wedding perfectly. Every time we look at our photos, we're transported back to those precious moments. Choosing Emily was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!"

Emily’s talent for capturing authentic moments is unmatched.


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